Cayman Islands

Location Audio Gear

See below for the available gear.

Our Gear

Currently working within the Zaxcom Ecosystem.

Working within the Zaxcom system provides Wireless redundancy as audio is recorded directly onto the transmitters as well as the recorder. With Cayman being a very humid location this provides additional comfort knowing that if a wireless signal should drop- your audio is always being recorded.

Audio Recorders

10 Track Digital Mixer & Recorder. Dual CF Card with Neverclip

Zaxcom Nomad10 w/ Zaxnet

Wireless Setup & Timecode

Transmitters, Recievers, IFB, Camera Hops

Zaxcom ZMT4.5 transmitter (x2)
Zaxcom TRLA2.5 transmitter (x2)
Zaxcom R-4 with MRX414 receiver
Zaxcom QRX200 Wideband receiver
Zaxcom ERXTCD3 IFB or Timecode Camera Hop (x2)
Zaxcom ERXTCD2 IFB or Timecode Camera Hop (x1)
Zaxcom URX50 mono audio receiver (x1)
Tentacle Sync (x2) + Adapters for (3.5mm, BNC, Sony FX3/FX300)

Microphones & Wind Protection

Lavaliere, Indoor and Outdoor Microphone Solutions

DPA 6060 CORE sub-miniature lav (x2)
DPA 4063 Miniature Lav(X3)
Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser MKH-50 Supercardiod Mic (x2)
Rycote Blimp & Wind Cover for MKH-416
Rycote Baby Ball & Wind cover for MKH-50
Straps, Stickies, Covers, Protection from Bubblebee, DPA, URSA, Rycote, & Viviana

Boompoles & Accessories

Other parts of the kit

Ambient QP5100 (3.4 to 13.2′)
K-Tek Avalon
Impact Stand + Boom Holders (x2)
Orcacart & Sound Bag

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